Music for children around the ages of 1-6 years.

Possibility and play are a constant suggestion throughout the shows. Through music children are given the opportunity to explore daily life, their world and everyday situations they may relate to.  A mix of original and traditional songs make up the shows combined with delightful props and dress ups.

Fairies at dusk - Illustration


Through song and story children are invited to imagine and play.  Shows are interactive and children are free to engage with the music in their own way. They are invited to listen, dance, sing and openly be themselves.  Rachel sings and plays a mix of original and traditional songs with acoustic guitar.

Some songs incorporate small finger play actions while others invite children to move with their whole bodies jumping, stamping, clapping, pretend flying, running or twirling.

The show sometimes finishes quietly with a musical story called ‘Magic’.  An original book with water colour illustrations accompanies the song. Inside it children see and discover such things as a pirate ship, dinosaurs, a castle, dragons, fairies and a window view of home life.

DURATION OF SHOW: 30-45 minutes (approximately)


No upcoming shows at this time.  Please check in again to see anticipated future dates.


You are invited to go to the gallery page to see pictures of Rachel Heart during a show with her musical friend Rosie. (From 28th September 2013)