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Rachel Heart at Ivanhoe Library Story Time

Posted on: 17-12-12

Last Saturday morning was a lot of fun as I gave a debut performance for the children at Ivanhoe library. It was their last story time session for the year 2012.

We twirled and jumped to music and pretended to cook and do gardening. The children waited with anticipation as individually they pulled out props from the velvet bag to start a new song. They sang ‘Twinkle Little Star’ by themselves while I accompanied them on guitar. We though about things we enjoyed in the world and things we enjoy doing like butterflies and playing with friends. To finish and in the spirit of Christmas we sang some Christmas carols. ‘Jingle Bells’ was requested by one of the children and so we began with that! All the children were given sleigh bells to play which they rang as we sang the Christmas songs.

It was the perfect beginning for me and a gerat way to finish the year. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and was so happy to have the children dance and sing with me.

Happy Holidays!